Big Chem

Attention Chemistry Students

Here we shall be able to research the answers to the ON-LINE Questions and Problems.

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........... Table of Contents

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The Units of the Text

1. Nature, Chemistry, & You 11. Periodic Properties 21. Solutions
2. Measuring & Calculating 12. Chemical Bonding 22. Colligative Properties
3. Matter 13. Molecular Structure Here Endeth the Semester
4. Chemical Formulas 14. Polar Molecules 23. Reaction Rates
5. The Mole 15. Kinetic Theory 24. Acids, Bases & Salts
6. Chemical Equations 16. Solids 25. Solubility Product/pH
7. Quantitative Relationships 17. Liquids 26. Oxidation-Reduction
8. Atomic Structure 18. Gases 27. Electrochemistry
9. Electron Clouds/Probability 19. Gases and The Mole 28. Nuclear Chemistry
10. Periodic Table 20. Energy and Disorder 29. Organic Chemistry

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