Ahoogah, Parents!

You will want to check out the Course Information Sheet and Assignment Sheet on this home page so that you will be familiar with what is required of your student.

Here is the Chemistry Course Information Sheet

Links to Chemistry Assignments: First Semester and Second Semester

Here is the Physics Course Information Sheet

Checkout the Link to the H-Physics Assignments and Chemistry Assignment Cover Sheets.

Big Chem and Mighty Physics are Bootcamps for College! Your student will need to be prepared to spend about 2 hours a day learning new material, doing problems, and reviewing old notes.

Any student who is not serious about this or about the heavy demands of these challenging college prep courses, should see his counselor about a course change.

Chemistry has a summer assignment which is to perfectly memorize the Symbols and Valences! These are the "alphabet" of Chemistry and are very difficult to master. Hence, your student should accomplish this task over the entire summer.

A copy of the Symbols and Valence Sheet may either be downloaded from this page or printed from the Formula Club computer program.

The computer program, Formula Club is an excellent way to learn the Symbols and Valences. You may download it from this page. It is available for Macintosh and Windows. Otherwise your student should practice in writing.

Physics and Chemistry practice tests and practice finals are on the Formula Club computer program.

Chemistry students must master The Symbols and Valence Sheet.pdf. Print these and...

Download "Formula Club"

for Macintosh OSX, Mac OSX Mt Lion, Macintosh Classic, or for Windows (This may not run under certain systems. If not, you'll need to practice on a Mac, like in the school Library).

Read and Follow the Directions! Here they are:

1. Launch the program.

2. In the Menu bar: Drop down Drills / Symbols or Formulas

*** What is Formula Club? ***

Note: The Formula Club software is FREE to SLVHS students. Please do NOT send money.

Physics and Chemistry practice tests and practice finals are on the above Formula Club & Practice Blitzes Software. Download it and have her use it!

Chemistry & Physics are courses that students must attend full time!

If your student misses a class for any reason, she misses demonstrations, labs, videos, explanations, sample problems, and experiences that just cannot be made up by "reading the book" or asking someone, "What did I miss?"

Parents, please plan your family vacations so that they do not conflict with school. We are only in school 180 out of 365 days a year, which leaves the majority of the year available for vacations.

WARNING: Vacations are UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. Students will not be allowed to make up work missed during vacations taken on school time!

What parents can do to help students do well in Big Chem and Mighty Physics:

· Take a few minutes each day or so to quiz your student on the information in his notebook.

· Check the Assignment Sheet to be sure she is keeping up.

They must study by practicing in writing. Staring at a page of notes is a very inefficient way to learn. There are too many distractions. When one practices in writing, the brain is tied in with the activity of writing.

· Chemistry and Physics are like sports, they are mastered by practice. Practice must be done daily!

· Be sure that he doesn't miss classes.

Students' grades can be viewed on PowerSchool.

If the grades are below your wishes, extract those car keys and keep the kid on task.

Please check the Announcement Page to see what we are doing in class.

Big Suggestions for College

Good luck! We are all looking forward to a great year!

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