Our web site for Big Chem, Honors Physics, and Natural Philosophers Chemistry/Physics web page.
Here you will find: A letter to parents, course information sheets, assignment sheets, class notes, review sheets, practice problems, drilling of formulas and equations, lesson plans, and a computer program Formula Club for practicing exams.

NOTE: If this is your first e-mail to Boom, you will receive a note from SpamArrest.com asking you to verify yourself. After you do this, Boom will receive your letter. So check your e-mail a few minutes after you send your letter to Boom for the verification process.
Description of Course: Honors Physics is the study of physical properties of matter and energy. You will learn principles, see demonstrations, perform labs, and write & solve problems about these activities.
A NOTEBOOK IS REQUIRED for Class notes: It must be BOUND (spiral recommended) and kept in INK! You may use YOUR notebook on the Exams, not someone else's.
Assignments are given for the following reasons:
To teach research, find answers to questions and problems, practice writing skills with scientific explanations, solve mathematical problems, and practice for exams.
Assignments are practice for exams. Like the athlete must practice for games, the student must practice for exams.
The most efficient way to learn is to write while studying! This keeps the brain engaged while you think.

It is your responsibility to check daily The Announcements Page found on the Chemistry/Physics web page. This gives you your assignments, labs to print, and other important information.
HEADING OF PAPERS: You must PRINT your FIRST and LAST NAME, the CLASS PERIOD and THE ASSIGNMENT on your papers. PRINT, DO NOT SIGN YOUR PAPERS OR SCRIBBLE YOUR NAME! Boom will not try to guess who you are!

PRINT Your Name, Period and what the Assignment is, in LARGE font on your paper in. No typing.
All assignments are to be done
IN INK. Questions must be answered in Complete Sentences. Problems must "Show the Method" of solution which is A) Write the Data, B) Hup Two Three Four 1) Write the Formula, 2) Substitute in the Formula, 3) Solve the Math, 4) Do the Units Algebraically. You may write on both sides of your papers to save trees. No points will be granted if there is any "BS".

Please STAPLE (at Home, NOT in Class) the Assignment Cover Sheet to your papers. You may use the back of the Cover Sheet to write on.


To get full credit, assignments must be turned in within one week of the due date. Assignments may be turned in three weeks late for less credit. After that they will not be accepted unless you make PRIOR arrangements.

Boom keeps your papers for ONE week, then they are recycled. If you want an assignment checked, you must request it in ONE week.

NOTE WELL: Check your grades twice a week on PowerSchool! If there is a problem, you must ask Boom to check it immediately (e-mail). You have ONE week to do so. After that it's tooo late!

LABS MUST BE PERFORMED. You may not "make up" a lab that you missed by copying someone else's and turning it in. If you are absent for a lab, you may submit an Academic Essay on the topic of the exam. See the Academic Essay format. How to write an Academic Essay to get points for a missed lab.

Note: You must PRINT out your labs in advance and bring them to class.  Boom will not grade a lab that is copied without printing. You must use the lab printout. It is not permitted to copy someone elses.

Any exams or assignments containing "BS" (baloney stuff) will receive a zero grade!

WARNING: Vacations are UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. You will not be allowed to make up work missed during vacations taken on school time! *** Do not even consider going to camp, Mexico, France, or any other foreign country!!! ***
Physics is a lab science and students MUST be present to perform labs, see demonstrations, and take video field trips.

Your grade is determined by percentage: 90% = A, 80% = B, 70% = C, 60% = D. You must check your grades daily and let Boom know immediately if there is a problem. Boom will check out any blank grade ( ), Zero or missing assignment for a maximum period of FIVE days from the date due. After that, forget it.
You must keep on top of your grades by checking them on PowerSchool daily so that you do not exceed the FIVE day maximum from the date due!

ATTENDANCE WARNING: If you are late to class, you will have been marked absent. You MUST come in after class on the SAME DAY to change the absence to a tardy.

You must ATTEND REGULARLY and BE ON TIME! If you are not IN YOUR SEAT when the BELL STARTS TO RING, you will be marked ABSENT!
THE TARDY POLICY: If a student is not in his seat when roll is taken when the bell rings, he's marked absent. Boom will change the Absence to a Tardy aftere class when the student comes in on the same day.

You must BRING TO CLASS each day your NOTEBOOK and TWO PENS and a CALCULATOR.
LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS are to be printed from our Physics Web Page and brought to class when needed. Please STAPLE your papers AT HOME! This is to prevent the line-up at the beginning of class. Boom will not grade papers that are not stapled.
Note: You must PRINT out your labs in advance and bring them to class.  Boom will not grade a lab that is copied without printing.

You will be expected to listen to and read directions, and to follow them.
Science is a discovery process so you will be expected to think and do research.
The Boom will give extra help or discuss grades with you during after class.

Honors Physics is Fun!