Honors Physics Assignments

Chapter (PowerPoint) Assignments are due within three days after the PowerPoint on the Chapter is finished.

Please STAPLE (at Home, NOT in Class) the Assignment Cover Sheet to your papers. You may use the back of the Cover Sheet to write on.

Late assignments will be accepted for Two Weeks at Half Credit. After that they will not be accepted without approval from The Boom.

All work MUST be HAND Written in INK (No typing).
All Questions MUST be answered in complete sentences.
Problems are to be solved by "Showing The Method": The Hup, Two, Three, Four.

Research can be found on our Lectures Pages, First Semester and Second Semester, On-Line, and in the Text.

Chapter 0: Historical Introduction.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Measurement.

Chapter 2: Speed and Velocity.

Chapter 3: Vectors.

Chapter 4: Forces, Motion and Friction.

Chapters 5 & 6: Work, Power, Energy

Chapter 7: Rotational Motion.

Chapter 8: Torques, Equilibrium, Machines.

Chapter 9: Matter, Kinetic Energy, Fluids, Pressure. Etc.

Chapter 10: The Heat is ON!

Chapter 11: Thermodynamics.

Chapter 12: Harmonic Motion and Wave Properties.

Chapter 13: Sound.

Chapters 14-16: Light.

Chapters 17-20: DC Electricity and Cells.

Chapters 21,22,24: Magnetism, AC, Electronics.

Chapter 23, Nuclear Physics Problems are in Lab: Atomic Physics.pdf

Chapter 25: Modern Physics.