What is Formula Club?

The Symbols and Valences are the "alphabet" of Chemistry.

The Formulas are the words of Chemistry.

Just as the English alphabet is necessary to write words, and words are necessary to write sentences, the chemical symbols are necessary to write formulas. The formulas are needed to write the sentences of chemistry which are called equations.

Hence, it is mandatory that all chemistry students master the Symbols and Valences and be able to use them to write the Formulas.

A failure to do this will result in a fail in chemistry, just as a failure to write words will result in a failure in English.

Because some chemistry students procrastinate the learning of the above, we have provided the Formula Club with a place and time to get this tough task done.

The Formula Club is mandatory for all chemistry students who do not pass the Formula Club Qualification Test.

To pass this test, one must score at least 90% thereon.

Those who fail the test, will be required to meet in the chemistry lab each lunch period for the full lunch time until they pass the test. The test will be given at the end of each lunch period. (Be ye sure to bring your lunch from home as ye'll not have time to acquire it at school.)

At the Formula Club meetings, the members will be required to practice formula writing for 30 minutes, then they will retake the test. If they fail, it's back again the next day for another try.

Practice in writing from the Symbols and Valence Sheet.pdf and the Formula Practice Sheet.pdf