Suggestions for College

Each year, alumni report back on college:

Those taking college chemistry always say, "Thanks!" for our tough policy on learning Symbols and Valences, Formula Writing, and Equations Balancing.

They tell of large numbers of students flunking out of college chemistry because they came from schools that did not require mastery of these things.

So... Take along your Physics Review for the Year Notes.pdf and/or Chemistry Review Notes for the Year.pdf. And our website here has a Formula Drill Sheet.pdf and Equations Practice & Answers,pdf.

For both Chemistry and Physics, alums tell of how helpful their high school notebooks are in their college classes. Unfortunately, many college lecturers are unenthusiastic, difficult to understand, or both. "Oh, that's what this guy is trying to tell us...".

So... Take your notebooks!

** Remember that all of the notes, diagrams, pictures, etc., are still available to you from our website (Chem PowerPoint Notes),(Physics First Semester PowerPoint Notes) & (Physics Second Semester powerPoint Notes) right here at SLVHS.

Super Great Career Opportunity!

Suggestions on Studying and Preparing for Exams.

 Good luck to you in the great college experience!

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