Big Chem Summer Assignment

Welcome to Big chem, The First Half of Life

You will need to be able to open .pdf files:

Download Adobe Reader (it's free).

The purpose of this summer assignment is to prepare thee for the excitement and rigors of Natural Philosophy by taking a tour of the requirements of the course.

Chemistry is Bootcamp for College and is therefore an intense discipline. One is expected to Master Notes and Practice Problems for about two hours per day. Chem is fun but it requires a large time commitment.

You will want to plan several sessions here for there is too much to ingest at one time.

Here are Thy First Tasks:

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Print the The Symbols and Valence Sheet.pdf for Big Chem and you must perfectly memorize the Symbols and Valences!  These are the “alphabet” of Chemistry and are very difficult to master.  Hence, you must accomplish this task over the entire summer.  If you are not serious about this or about the heavy demands of this challenging college prep course, see your counselor about a course change. 

... And...

Download "Formula Club"

for Macintosh OSX, Mac OSX Mt Lion, Macintosh Classic, or for Windows (This may not run under certain systems. If not, you'll need to practice on a Mac, like in the school Library).

Read and Follow the Directions! Here they are:

1. Launch the program.

2. In the Menu bar: Drop down Drills / Symbols or Formulas

*** What is Formula Club? ***

Note: The Formula Club software is FREE to SLVHS students. Please do NOT send money.

Thy Second Task is to take the Tour of Big Chem ...

This is a tour of what Chemistry is and how we shall attack it. Your job is to do the twenty-three activities below by clicking on the blue hotlinks.)

So let's get started on our tour of Big Chem:

(The twenty-three steps to enlightenment)

1. Print This Periodic Chart for Your Notebook (do not memorize this chart).

2. ....Check out the course content and all the neat stuff that we shall do and master at the Table of Contents.

3. ... Boom's students will please Print, carefully Read and Understand the
Chemistry Course Information Sheet
and keep it with your bound notebook.

4. .... Chemistry requires your full time attendance. Labs, demos, explanations, and video field trips cannot be made up by reading the book or asking what was missed. Please read "Why we must NEVER miss class " (the story of Chet and Laura)!

5. ... Tour the Assignments for Big Chem and Assignment Cover Sheets with Hints and Answers and see the type of work required. The assignments will be found ON-LINE, not in the text book. This way we shall have links to charts, tables, and hints for the problems.

6. ... Check the Chemistry Labs and Hints and Another Day, Another Lab,
Muppets Poster

7. ... Browse the vast amount of exciting subject matter that we shall roar into in the
........................ Chemistry *** Class Notes & PowerPoint Lessons ***

8. ... And skim through the on-line text book: Chemistry Research Text where we will find the answers to the Questions and Problems of the ON-LINE assignments.

9. And ............ Improving & Keeping your grades under control!

10. And ........ ??? Why is the assignment that I turned in not recorded in PowerSchool?

11. ............. Notes and Review Sheets.

12. . .................. Here is where you will print all of your Chemistry Labs when assigned.

13. ......... Learn these Rules for the Laboratory!

14. ...... Check out the Rules for Problems Solving!

15. ...... How to head up your papers:

16. .......... NO CUSSING! Read this and remember it!

17. ......... Check out the Evidences for a Loafer!

18. Attack the Valence Study Sheet.pdf for Big Chem. You must perfectly memorize the Symbols and Valences!  These are the “alphabet” of Chemistry and are very difficult to master.    This is a huge assignment that must be worked on all summer! The Formula Club software that you downloaded above is very helpful. When you score 10 out of 10 each time, you are in good shape! Read and Follow the Directions in the software!

19. Check out ** Super Great Career Opportunity! **

20. ......... If you do not complete the Summer Assignment, you will end up in Formula Club!

21. ............. Check out what we shall learn this year.pdf

22. ............ Important info on Video Field Trips

23. ........... The Oath of Big Chem

PowerPoint Lessons and much more are available on disk.

.......... On-line Exam on the Summer Assignment (Boom will assign the due date when school starts).

Students are invited to visit Boomeria during the daytime. It is best to phone, 426-2617, or e-mail first.

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For questions, you may

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