Big Chem Labs

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Big Chem Labs to Print Out:

Experiment 1 Scientific Observation.pdf

Experiment 2 Warming Behavior.pdf

Experiment 3 Melting Temperature.pdf

Experiment 4 More on the Nature of Burning.pdf

Experiment 5 Heats of Solidification and Combustion.pdf

... Summary of Labs 1-5 for Exam.htm

Experiment 7 Mole Ratios.pdf

Experiment 8 Mass Relationships of Reactions.pdf

Boom Lab: Percentage Composition of a Cookie.pdf

Boom Lab: Water of Hydration.pdf

Experiment 10 Precipitates and Concentrations.pdf

....... Lab 10 Critique.jpg

Boom Lab: Structure of the Nucleus.htm (Lord Rutherford)

Boom Lab: Molecular Models.htm (Boxes and Dots)

Experiment 12 A Study of Chemical Reactions.pdf

Great Home Lab: Glow in the Dark!

Boom Lab: Allotropic Forms of Sulfur.pdf

Experiment 19 The Principle of le Chatelier.pdf

Experiment 9 Molar Volume of Hydrogen.pdf

Experiment 11 Precipitates and Ionic Equations.pdf

Experiment 14 Reaction Rates, the Clock Reaction.pdf

Experiment 23 Titration.pdf

Experiment 18 Acid-Base Indicators.pdf

Experiment 16 Finding a Solubility Product.pdf

Experiment 20 Oxidation-Reduction.pdf

Experiment 22 Predicting Reactions.pdf

Experiment Organic Molecular Models.pdf

Experiment Organic Esters.pdf

Hints for Labs:

Solubility Rules, Appendix 10

Oxidation Potentials Appendix 8

Evidences for Chemical Changes

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