Lab: Molecular Models or Boxes & Dots

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PURPOSE: To draw the Boxes and Dot structure of some molecules, make their models, and sketch all.

Atom colors: Red = Oxygen; Black = Carbon; Yellow = Hydrogen; Green = Fluorine; Purple = Chlorine; Blue = Nitrogen.

For each molecule: A. On scratch paper draw the Boxes and Dots to get the layout. B. Draw a neat Boxes and Dots on this paper. C. Make the molecule with the models. D. Sketch the model.

1. H2

2. O2

3. N2

4. H2O

5. CH4

6. CF4

7. NH3

8. C2H3F3 (single bond)

9. C2H2F2 (double bond)

10. C2HCl (triple bond)

11. Make up one of your own.