Torque and Rotational Equilibrium

Sir Issac Newton

Demos to Prepare:

Feel the Torque.
Meter Stick & Fingers.
Irregular Board & thread noose.
Roll Uphill?
The Horseman.
The Bird.
Forks & Toothpick.
The Nails, 10 on 1.
Conserve PE+KE with can rubber band and weight.
|Spinning thing on top of cabinet.
Earth-Moon system double wooden balls.
The Bridge.
Suicide Station Wagon.
Lift Stool, Boys can't.
TP Rip-off.
Roll Ring and Disk
Problem of the Balance.

Tangential in a straight line, no curved bullets Video

Trusses use Vectors and Rotational Equilibrium

More Vectors and Torques in Action

Sample Balance Problem

The fulcrum is at the center of gravity.

Solution to the Bridge problem

Super application of Vectors and Torques

When ordered to place columns in the Guildhall,
Sir Chris left 1 cm of space between the tops and
the ceiling. Four hundred years later, the spaces
were discovered! Wren's vectors held up the
ceiling without the columns! Heh, heh.

Boom is drafted to help Yogi in the assembly.
Vectors are to be applied to the Boom.

Yogi has Boom placed on two chairs where
Boom is in equilibrium for several minutes.

"Mind over Matter", Stiff as a Board, video:

Click here for the weird story of
The Yogi

Here Endeth Chapter 8