Check Those Grades

Lord Apple Judgeth

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

Boom will check out any blank grade ( ) or missing assignment for a maximum period of FIVE days from the date due. After that, forget it.

You must keep on top of your grades by checking them on PowerSchool daily so that you do not exceed the FIVE day maximum!

Below, you may write to Boom to have problems checked out, but first:

Frequently Asked Questions

Assignments Not Recorded !

I turned in an assignment but it shows as blank on PowerSchool. Why?

Here are 8 reasons why your turned in assignment is not recorded:

• Your papers were not stapled together.

• You wrote in pencil instead of INK.

• There was no name on your paper.

• Your name was scribbled (~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~) instead of printed (JOE McSLUG).

• You omitted your last name (Joe ??????).

• Your assignment was incomplete (questions and problems were not done).

• You omitted your Critique (Critiques are summaries of labs, not statements like, "Great lab, Boom, This lab sucked, Ah yaz, ah yaz,... etc.").

• The assignment was turned in late without prior arrangement with Boom. See Course Info Sheet! Chemistry. Physics.

Why did I receive a low grade on an assignment or blitz?

• Questions were not answered in complete sentences.

• You used the forbidden, is when, in explanations. You misspelled separate or principle.

• Observations were not noted in a lab report.

• Math problems showed not the 1, 2, 3, 4, (The Hup, Two, Three, Four).

• The Critique was incomplete.

• Baloney Stuff (BS) was used.

• A zero grade is given for a lab that was performed on a day that you have an uncleared absence. Tardy students must clear their absence at lunch on the day of the tardy.

Contact the Boom with a problem:

If the above did not solve your problem, please e-mail Boom if you have not exceeded FIVE days from the date due. After that, forget it.

NOTE: If this is your first e-mail to Boom, you will receive a note from asking you to verify yourself. After you do this, Boom will receive your letter. So check your e-mail a few minutes after you send your letter to Boom for the verification process.

Your subject: Please check my grade.

Your letter:

....... Your Full Name, Period, Class.

....... Which paper or grade to check in PowerSchool.