Chemistry State Standards Exam Preparation

After we do the following review, we shall have an 80 point scantron exam on the information below:

Display the State Chemistry Standards and see the over view of what is required.

It is imperative that you do well on the State Standards Exam! Your results may bump up your course grade!

How to bump up your course grade:

Attention Students and Parents: SLVHS Science Department will recognize students who represent their school accurately by doing well on the STAR test. We will reward achievement by increasing their second semester grade by 10% for Advanced level, 6% for Proficient, and 3% for Basic level scores on this year's math CST Star test. To receive this reward, students must bring their official STAR results letter to Boom.

Your task is to do the following:

1. HAND COPY and turn in the Review Notes for State Standards Exam and MASTER them as you copy them. You may not start Qual Labs until this is done! It is worth 50 points.

2. Review each of these items until you know them:

a. Ionic Equations Practice

b. Avogadro's Hypothesis

c. Problems Review

d. Pollution Notes

e. Ozone Pollution

f. Greenhouse Effect

g. Global Warming

h. Natural Pollution

............... Practice STAR Test with Answers.

Review Summary

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Commonly Missed Questions on Scantron Test:

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..... Page 5