The Winter Assignment

or Finals are soon to arrive!

The purpose of this winter assignment is to prepare thee for the excitement and rigors of The Semester Final Exam.

The Semester Exam is a 100 question Scantron test followed by an Essay Bonus Exam.

First print out Chemistry Semester Final Review Topics.pdf or the Physics Semester Final Review Topics.pdf. and use this as a check off list. You must be able to define, explain, and give an example of each item and be able to solve the types of problems listed. Chapter reviews are found at General Review Topics.

Second use the Formula Club & Blitzes software to do the practice Semester Exam and the Semester Vocabulary. These are found in the File Menu under Final Exams / ChemSem.txt and PhysicsSem.txt.

Download "Formula Club"

for Macintosh OSX, Mac OSX Mt Lion, Macintosh Classic, or for Windows (This may not run under certain systems. If not, you'll need to practice on a Mac, like in the school Library).

Read and Follow the Directions! Here they are:

1. Launch the program.

2. In the Menu bar: Drop down Drills / Symbols or Formulas

.WARNING! Do NOT memorize or copy the answers to the practice exams. The real one is similar, but different!! You must read and think about the questions!

Note: The Formula Club software is FREE to SLVHS students. Please do NOT send money.

Review all of the PowerPoint lessons: Chemistry Class Notes and Physics First Semester notes.

Chemistry students will also need to practice Formula Writing.pdf and Equations Practice. Use the above Formula Club software for formulas and print out and use the Equations Practice Sheet.pdf with answers.

Good luck!

For questions, you may e-mail the Boom:

..... NOTE: If this is your first e-mail to Boom, you will receive a note from asking you to verify yourself. After you do this, Boom will receive your letter. So check your e-mail a few minutes after you send your letter to Boom for the verification process.

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