Harmonic Motion

Christian Huygens

Demos to Prepare:

Harmonic Motion Springs & Weights:
Pendula & the Great Pendulum.
The Sanctuary Lamp of Galileo.
Baseball bat, ball, & splints for Center of Percussion.

Simple Harmonic Motion gives a regular repeating action.

Springs, Masses, Pendula, and Bells,

Simple Harmonic Motion gave the Chronometer the
accuracy it needed to measure longitude. Video:

The Reference Circle Generation Video:

Reaching Resonance with the Great Censer

Here is the animation:

The Great Censer in Santiago Cathedral has a 10 second period. Thus we calculate that the height of the building is 25 meters! WOW! The monks have been swinging the incense here for over 700 years! Video:

Solution to the Pendulum Problem

Galileo demonstrates that Aristotle was wrong stating that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones.

Galileo demonstrates that the Earth is a planet orbiting the sun. The sun is the center of our system. Aristotle is wrong again.

Galileo is arrested by the Inquisition and tried for heresy. After apologizing for his "errors", Galileo is confined to house arrest for the remainder of his life.

Big Time Harmonic Motion

More Big Time Harmonic Motion

The harmonic motion of the bells leads to the development of the Chronometer which uses the balance wheel to accurately measure time at sea on a moving ship. Video:

Resonance in Bridges. Video

More Action at Tacoma in 1940! Video

Here Endeth Harmonic Motion

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