Chapter 3


Sir Isaac Newton

Demos to Prepare:

For Trajectories:
Steel Balls Shooter.
Water Cannon,
Methanol Cannon.

NFL Quarterback Vector Example Video:

Bullet Drop Experiment Video

Demos of Vectors:

The Angle of the Resultant and Equilibrant:
Springs with weight in middle
Chinning bar
Bow and Arrow
UCSC Fork Catapult with eraser
Moving a car in the mud by sideways pull
Rough surfaces-- bricks
Smooth surfaces-- glass plates
Lubrication-- wet the plates.
Rolling--  ball bearings.
Starting vs. sliding friction on a slope.
Eraser sliding down on a board.
Train startup.
Sled & weight on incline.
Spring balance dragging a mass.
The Creeper.
Internal friction--  Bong & Blop
Vortex generator-- smoke rings
Fluid friction-- Marble in Karo syrup.
Caterpillar lube job on RR tracks.
Zero friction-- Nails & bolts, motion?
Magnetic Bearing

The Monkey Gets It, Video:

The projectile falls at g inspite of the forward motion!

Here Endeth Chapter 3