Chapter 11


Count Rumford

Demos to Prepare:

 Observe dissolved air in cold and hot water
   (tiny bubbles).
Fish breathe dissolved air.
The Bends (death to divers)--
  Pressure dissolves N2 in the blood.  Releasing       
     the pressure allows N2 bubbles to form in the       

The Termite Reaction!

Work of falling mass is converted into heat.

The Thermodynamics class was on the second floor. Only Boom used the stairs. All of the other students, and the Professor, waited in line to use the elevators to go up one floor! Well, one day Boom discovered that the elevator doesn't stop at the second floor. So what about his classmates? They take the elevator to the THIRD floor and walk DOWN a flight of stairs! Sheeesh, that's minimum energy (for them). Nowadays the elevator no longer stops at the third floor, and the students are using the stairs to get to the second floor. Yup, minimum energy!

Compliments of Glencoe Physics

Pool Toss and Sling Shot change Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy and acquire maximum disorder, and minimum energy. Videos:

Methane Bubbles and Fartfire convert the potential energy of fuel into the kinetic energy of heat, Videos:

The Door of Maxwell's Demon, wherein the demon tries to separate molecules to reverse entropy. Video:

*** To Play Maxwell's Demon on-line, Click Here ***

Brownian Motion is energy transfer from the heat of moving molecules into the vibrations of smoke or pollen particles, Video:

The Brainiac Thermite Demos are Very Explosive!

In this reaction, both the tendency for minimum energy and maximum disorder are in the same direction. Hence the reaction is not reversible. Combustion doesn’t reverse to give back fuel and oxygen. Video:

Unbalanced Wheel Animation

Why won’t this unbalanced wheel machine work?

Blowing up a Whale results in a lot of minimum energy and maximum randomness, Video:

Gas Bombs-- Methane Big Bubbles, Bam Can & Potato Chips, 2-Liter Dry Ice Bomb, Video:

Boiling Nitrogen and the Determination of Absolute Zero, Video:

Freezing by Boiling!

Coke and Mentos achieve maximum disorder by providing condensation nuclei for CO2 bubbles to form on quickly. Video:

Blowing up the Dunes Hotel!
Maximum Disorder, Minimum Energy (after the explosions).

Raising the earth’s average temperature by 0.3oC will cause the
melting of the glaciers. The oceans will rise 100 meters!
Bad news for most major cities on earth.
And to the highlands to which all of those people will be fleeing.

Just a 4Co increase in average temperature!

Here Endeth Thermodynamics

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