Sound 1

Alexander Graham Bell

Demos to Prepare:

 Bell Jar & Vacuum Pump, electric  bell.
Tuning Forks.
String Sonometer.
Tuning forks and Resonators.
Bell in Vacuum.
The Klaxon. The
60-cycle Horn.
The Loudspeaker.
The Siren Disk.
The Electric Pneumatic Siren.
The Signal Generator.
Interference of tones by signal generator.
Resonance in boxes.
The Beat Frequency.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Action.
Hyatt Regency Disaster.
Shock  Waves!
The Sonic Boom (whip, thunder bombs).
Doppler Effect & Hose.
Organ pipes and valves from home.

Definitions of Sound

Physiological-- Brain's interpretation of ear's stimulation. Needs ear & brain.

Physics-- Vibrations in matter. No one need be around to hear it. ? Composed of Compressions & Rarefactions.

There is no sound in vacuum.

A bird in a vacuum is quiet and cannot fly.

A Tone is a regular repeating vibration.

Noise is irregular messed up vibrations.

Pitch is the highness or lowness of a tone and depends upon the number of cycles/sec.

Quality of sound depends upon the number and strength of the harmonics. Why one instrument sounds different than another when playing the same note.

The Rubens Tube shows the Compressions & Rarefactions:

Nuclear Blast Compressions and Rarefactions:


The Interference of waves in water, sound, and light, Video:

Demo: Vernier Microphone and Graphing:

Tuning Forks
Other noisy things
Japanese Musical Tube

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