What the…

In just which direction does electricity flow anyway?


In the 1700’s, Ben Franklin arbitrarily defined charge:

Positive on glass rubbed with silk & Negative on rubber with Kitteeee.

Boom’s first Physics text used + to - and Right Hand Rules.

Then came the Edison Effect and Vacuum Tube Electronics. Electron flow is electric current.

In the early 20th Century, Thermionic Emission showed that it’s - to + and Left Hand Rules. The Texts were changed.

In the 1970’s, we have Solid State Electronics, the transistor and computer chips. It’s now possible to have two current carriers-- Electrons (negative) and Holes (positive carriers).

Computer Engineers blew it. They used the Hole Flow definition and they defined the symbols for solid state devices with current flowing from + to -.

So to conform to their symbolism, new texts are reverting back, to the WRONG definition of current flow in a wire. + to -.

I’ll ask you this:

What would you think if I told you that the earth is flat?

If I taught you that things roll uphill? (The Mystery Spot).

If I said that the San Lorenzo River flows from North to South, but it’s current flows South to North?

Well, that’s what these people are saying, electrons flow from - to + but the current flows from + to -. They call it

Conventional Current Flow.

Is there any hope!