Nuclear 1

Demos to Prepare:
For Electrostatics:
Charging  by Friction
Types of Charges
Charging by Induction
Law of Charges
PVC Charger & Al Can
The Force Field
Particle Discharge
Volta’s Hailstorm
Electrostatic Sanctus Bells
Electron Sprinkler
Electric Pompon

For Atomic:
Sparky the Induction Coil
Big Light Bulb (1000 watt)
Sears Sparky
Discharge Tubes
Jacobs Ladder
Key of Becquerel
Uranium of Becquerel
Van de Graaf Machine & Pompon

The leaves are repelled by the like charge upon them.

Electrostatic Demos:

The Big Sparky in the Sky

Fear Sparky uses High Voltage action. Video:

Sears sold Sparky equipment:

Even home shocking kits were available for all sorts of treatments.

Sparkies were used in asylums to "cure" mental problems. Video:

In Frankinstein, real high voltage equipment was used. Video:

High Voltage Discharge Tube

The High Voltage Plasma Ball video:

The Electron Beam in a Magnetic Field

X-Rays were used to fit shoes. Video:

Black Holes form when the enormous gravity of collapsing stars crushes the electrons into the nucleus of the atoms. Hence a tremendous mass is concentrated in a small space. Video:

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