Cosmos 2, Galaxies, Comets, Planets


Spiral Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

Hercules Star Cluster

Hubble Galaxy

Colliding Galaxies

The space between stars is so great that there is rarely a collision of stars.

Baby Stars Forming in the Trifid Nebula

Dying Star from Hubble

Jupiter from Voyager

Jupiter and Satellites

The four satellites discovered by Galileo perform a ballet. Video.

Jupiter's Callisto

Jupiter's Europa

Jupiter's Ganymede

Jupiter's Io

Jupiter's Seasons

Seasons are caused by the tilt of the axis.

Martian Sunset

Comet Humason, 1961

Comets and Comets Exploding

Leonid Meteor

Total Eclipse of Moon

Total Eclipse of Sun

Total eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, November 23, 2003. Video:

Aurora Borealis

Ions from Solar Eruptions (prominences) are guided to the Earth's Poles by magnetic fields. The ions interact with molecules in the atmosphere to make awesome colors.

Black Holes are formed from the extreme gravity in collapsed stars. Video.

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