Astronomy, Measuring Devices

The Refracting Telescope

The image from the first lens is the object for the second lens. Images are inverted, but who cares for a star?

The Terrestrial Telescope:

The inverting lenses are to flip the image right side up for earth viewing.

The Newtonian Reflector

Mirrors and lens bring the image out the top.

Mt. Polomar Dome

The 5 meter Reflector at Polomar

The astronomer rides in the top at the upper left.

The great 5-meter telescope in action. Video

Cassegrainian Reflecting Telescope

Astronomer (films) go at the bottom under the primary mirror which has a hole in the center.

Lick dome and 3-meter Cassegranian Reflector.

Subaru Pleiades 264 mirror reflector on Mauna Kea

Ah, the principle of Archimedes' many mirrors focusing together. Now we can have 10 and 15 meter telescopes like this with the mirrors computer focused.

The gravity of galaxies focuses light from far behind them.

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