Heating and Chemical Effects

Thomas Edison

Demos to Prepare:
Start the KI Electrolysis.
Hot Wire with 50 g mass, and big magnet and
     standing waves.
The Nichrome wire is in the Motors Box.
Electric Calorimeter.
Fuse if not already done..
KI finish up, Iodine in CCl4
Aqueous Gambling Palace Rheostat.
The Quick Boil.
Cook a wienie with big current.
(The forks are in the Motors Box).
Cook a pickle with two forks in it.

Edison & Steinmetz

Faraday decomposed compounds into their elements
showing that electric charges are the bonds between atoms.

Circuit breakers use bimetallic strips to trip the switch when too
much current is flowing and therefore is producing too much heat.

Passing current through a pickle! Video:

A guy in the bathtub is about to shoot 007 !

Bathtub electric conductivity and electric heater save our hero from being shot. Video:

Here Endeth Heat and Chemical Effects