Demos to Prepare:

 Oersted's Discovery.
Left-Hand  Rules:
For Coils.
For Wires
The Big Magnet.
The Big Coil..
Great Relays.
Lock-in  Relays.
Exciting Soleniods.
The Western Telegraph.
Electric Meters.

Here is a summary of Flemming's rules. For a complete discussion with diagrams, please visit the awesome King of Physics website.

Magnetic Field Around a Conductor:

In a current carrying conductor, the lines of force are circles
perpendicular to the conductor.

Left Hand Rule for a Field Around a Wire:

For Wires: Mentally grasp the wire with the left hand with thumb pointing
in the direction of the electron flow (- to +) and the fingers
will show the direction of the magnetic field (N to S).

Magnetic Field Around a Coil:

For Coils: Mentally grasp the coil with the left hand with fingers in the direction
of the electron flow and the thumb will point to the N pole.

Coils and Solenoids:

The strength of an electromagnet is proportional to the number of ampere•turns.
An iron core concentrates the field.

Powerful Electromagnets save our hero. Video:

Enormous Magnets, Nuclear Particle Detector

Superconducting Magnet in Particle Detector

Super Conductivity in Action, Video:

Solenoids Have Many Uses

Like These:

The Electric Solenoid releases the Geese of Boomeria at 0500. Video:


The Lock-in Relay prevents the alarm from being stopped. Video:

The Sneak Alarm Uses a Lock-In Relay

Combat Information Center Lock In Relay Up Close

Main Machinery Space, Boomeria, With Relays Galore

The Electric Bell

The Dynamic Microphone

Sound waves vibrate the diaphragm. This moves the coil in the magnetic field. Electricity is generated in the same pattern as the sound waves.

The Loudspeaker

The Electromagnetic Field interacts with the Permanent Magnet Field. The vibrations ---> Sound Waves.
Click to see the Compressions & Rerefactions generated:

Andree Ampere

Michael Faraday in the "Cockpit" doing Demos