Franklin Discovers that Lightning is Electricity

Lightning is Exciting!


Demos to Prepare:

Charging by Friction
Types of Charges
Charging by Induction
Law of Charges
PVC Charger & Al Can
The Wimshurst Machine
The Force Field
Particle Discharge
Volta’s Hailstorm
Sanctus Bells
Electron Sprinkler
Electric Pompon
Leyden Jars
Capacitors, fixed & variable

Pith is a substance made from ground up sex organs.
It is found on those things that stick out of plants.
After powdering, the pith is glued into balls that have
low mass but acquire electric charge well.

Volta Demonstrates Electricity

Franklin's Bells Video:

Demos on Capacitors... Zappy!!


The Van de Graaf Electrostatic Generator! Zaapperooo! WOW!

Demos on Producing Electricity:

Here Endeth Electricity Introduction