Direct Current Circuits

Demos to Prepare:

Sources of Emf:
Electrochemical Cells.
Dry Cells.
Lead Acid Cells.
Batteries of Cells.
Moving conductor in Magnetic Field.
Big Thermocouple.
Piezoelectric Effect Igniter.

Resistors and Circuits:
Meters for demos.
Triple Light Sockets & Bulbs.
Heater coil, spy resistor.
Find resistance.
Diagram and Solve Circuits:
Compound (Janet's Lights).
Batteries for Series & Parallel

Super Conductivity! Video:

A Sample Series Problem:

A Parallel Problem

The following is NOT the true construction of a Lantern Battery,
but is shows a nice diagram of Series/Parallel arraingement:

Galvani's Experiment

Cells and Batteries

Cells Series Parallel

Dry Cells in Series and Parallel

Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Charging

Do Not Miss Physics Class

Galvani and Ampere

Metallic conductivity saves our hero from certain death by steel jaws. Video.

Bathtub electric conductivity and electric heater save our hero from being shot. Video:

The ions in a bathtub cause electrical conductivity from appliances through bathers. Video:

The Electric Chair

Volta Demonstrates Electric Charge

Here Endeth Direct Current Circuits