Chapter 8

Machines 1

Demos to Prepare:

Three classes of levers.
 Rake in Booby Trap Mode (1st class).
Pry bars, oars, wheelbarrows, catapults
 Out tough nail, bold cutters, Arabian hand cutter.
 The levers of Archimedes. "Give me a place
   to stand and I'll move the earth.”
 The Whiffle Tree Anti-loaf device.
The Pulleys of Archimedes.
 Extra MA of a pulley system.
 The Iron Portcullis.
 The Differential Pulley.
 Pulley story, ouch!
 Worm Gears & Trains of gears.
 The Transmission
     Changes gear-ratios to vary speed and force.
 The Differential:
    Multiplies force.
    Changes direction.
    Allows cornering.

Solution to the Sample Problem

Levers to dump Roman ships!

Testing Archimedes' Claw to dump Roman Ships (video).

The Oar is Tricky...

Ah, yaz, the fulcrum is in the water! The oarlock is the load!

Ballistas, Rams, Oars, Video:

Solution to the Sample Problem

The Great Levers of the Trebuchet, Video:

Here Endeth Machines 1

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