Physics State Standards Exam Preparation

State Standards Physics Exam:

It is essential that you do well on this exam! And... You may bump up your course grade!

* How to bump up your course grade:

Attention Students and Parents: SLVHS Science Department will recognize students who represent their school accurately by doing well on the STAR test. We will reward achievement by increasing their second semester grade by 10% for Advanced level, 6% for Proficient, and 3% for Basic level scores on this year's math CST Star test. To receive this reward, students must bring their official STAR results letter to Boom.

The test is designed to make you think, not just memorize facts. You will have to apply your knowledge to solve the problems.

To help you do well, we shall do a complete review in the form of a Take Home Exam on the year's work.

This is a required 100 point exam containing 140 terms and problems. The terms must be defined and examples given. The problems are to be solved showing your method of solution The Hup, Two, Three, Four.

The exam is open book, notes, portfolio, webpage, and labs. You may NOT use the help of others or copy their work.

Boom will give you the deadline date. The exam will not be accepted after the deadline date. You may turn it in at any time before the deadline.

Click here to view the Physics State Standards.

Review Notes & Take Home Exam:

Review Notes for the Year.pdf

Review Notes and Formulae.pdf

On-Line exam, 100 points. It is NOT necessary to print this exam. Write it on your paper, be sure your NAME and PERIOD are PRINTED at the top. You may use your Notes, Portfolio, Textbook, Website. You may NOT have help from others or copy their work. SHOW ALL WORK, EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWERS.

A nice bonus here is that you are preparing for Four Biggies: The State Standards Exam, The Physics Final Exam, College, and Real Life!

Click here for State Standards Physics Blitz.pdf

Practice Test from the STAR website, with answers:

Practice STAR Test with Answers.

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