Mighty Physics

Chapter 7 Review Problems

Show your method for all problems! The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

1. A 10.0 kg brass monkey is swung horizontally at the end of a cord 3.00 m long at the rate of 5.00 revs/sec . Calculate the centripetal force on it. (Hint: 3.00m is the radius. Circumference = 2pr). Ans: 30,000n

2. A stuffed kittee weighing 40.0n is swung in a vertical circle. The diameter of the circle is 3.00 m. Find its critical velocity (orbital velocity) at sea level? Ans: 3.83 m/s.

3. A rotating Frisbee starts from rest. If it is subjected to an angular acceleration of 5.00 rad/s2 for 20.0s, what angular velocity in rev/s is achieved? (Hint: 1 rev = 2prad). Ans: 15.9 rad/s.

4. Find the acceleration due to gravity on a dense planet where the period of a pendulum 0.911 m long is 1.50 s? Ans: 16.0 m/s2.

Define and Explain these:

a. Simple Harmonic Motion.

b. Rotational Inertia.

c. Trajectories.

d. Centrifugal and Centripetal effects.

e. Orbits.

f. Gyroscopic Inertia and Precession.

g. Frames of Reference, Inertial, & Accelerated.