Organic Review

Terms & Structures Below

Meaning of Organic Chemistry

Why so many organic compds?

Compare Organics to Inorganics

Molecular formula


Structural formula

Condensed structural formula


Homologous Series of Alkanes

Alkane Reactions:

... Halogen substitution

... Combustion (Burn it).

... Pyrolysis

... The Würtz Reaction!

... Nitration


Structure of the Double Bond



Why Alkenes are Very Reactive

Alkene Reactions

... Halogen addition

... Test for unsaturation

... Polymerization

Petroleum Processing:

... Separation by Fractional Dist.

... Cracking

... Polymerization

... Reforming

... Octane Rating

The Alkynes

The Triple Bond

Properties of the Triple Bond

Preparation of Alkynes, Limelight

Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Benzenes


The Benzene Ring

Ortho, Meta, Para System

Alcohols & Phenols

Denatured Alcohol

Absolute Alcohol

Proof of Alcohol

Preparation of Ethanol

Examples of Esters

Review Compounds and Reactions for Practice!

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