Chem Atomic Theory, Ch 8

Be able to Define, Explain, and Give Examples of the Following:

Atomic Theories of

... Democritus

... John Dalton

Law of Conservation of Mass

Law of Definite Proportions

Law of Multiple Proportions

Law of Gay Lussac

Faraday's Discovery

The Discovery of:

... The Electron Crookes tube

Paddle wheel tube

Tube of Sir JJ Thompson

Oil drop experiment

Mass of the electron

Canal ray tube



Mass spectrograph

The Electron

... Electrons have mass

... Charge to Mass Ratio

... The Charge on an Electron

... The Mass of the Electron

... Ions and the Proton

The Proton

... Isotopes

... The Neutron

... X-Rays

... Radioactivity

... Three Rays of Radioactivity

The Neutron



Rays of Radioactivity

Size of Atom

Size on Nucleus

Spectroscopy of Electrons

Transmutation of elements

Atomic Number

Nuclear Charge

Mass Number

Atomic Weight

Alpha particle

Beta particle


Gamma ray


... The Size of the Atom

... The Size of the Nucleus

... Spectroscopy and Orbitals

Alpha Ray

Beta Ray

Gamma Ray

Three results of Relativity