Orbitals, Bonding, Molecules, Chs 9-14

Be able to Define, Explain, and Give Examples of the Following:

The Spectra of the Elements

Electron Orbitals

De Broglie’s Equation

Schrödinger’s Probability Equation

Electrons spread out as waves

Quantum Numbers

The Principal Quantum Number

The Sublevels of the Orbitals

The Magnetic Quantum Number

The Spin of the Electron

The Grand Tendency of the Elements

Alkali Metals

Alkaline Earth Metals

Noble Gas Structures

The "Horrible" Halogens

Ionization Energy

Electron Affinity


Ionic Bonding

Covalent Bonding

Valence Electrons

Van der Waals Forces

... Intra-molecular Forces

The Metallic Bond

The Hydrogen Bond

Structure of Ice

Bond Angles

Polar Molecules

Methods of Ionizing an Atom


Microwave Oven

Photoelectric Effect

Factors Affecting Ionization Energy

... Nuclear charge

... Distance from Nucleus

... Filled Orbitals

... Noble Gas Structure

... Shielding Effect

Ratio of Protons to

..... Remaining Electrons

Infrared Spectroscopy

Translatory Motion

Rotational Motion

Modes of Vibration

... Bending

... Symmetric Stretching

... Asymmetric Stretching

What we learn from Motions