Work, Power, Energy, Machines, Ch 6

Be able to Define, Explain, and Give Examples of the Following:

Be able to solve Problems showing your method (Hup, Two... )

Machines of Physics

... Simple Machines

... Three Classes of Levers

Mechanical Advantage

... by Forces

... by Distances

Actual MA

Theoretical MA


Archimedes' Levers

Archimedes' Pulleys

Common examples of Levers

Principles of the Pulley

Extra MA on a Pulley

Differential Pulley

Gears in Action


Differential, 3 uses

Ball Machine Conservation

Wheel and Axle

Inclined Plane


Force definition & unit

Work definition & unit

Power definition & unit

Energy definition

Potential Energy

Kinetic Energy

Conservation Law



Work on a Spring

Compound Machines

Worm Gear

Differential Pulley

Leonardo's Machines

Whiffle Tree