Video Field Trips in Modern Physics

The Video Field Trips are an essential component of the Physics course! They are the means we use to travel throughout the whole universe and see those things which we cannot demonstrate in class. They also enable us to see real scientists doing their work.

We shall be taking the trips below and writing a summary of each one describing what we saw and learned.

Please print each of the trips and use the forms to write your summaries.

Boom will not accept any report if the student was not present when the video was shown! One cannot make up what one has not seen and experienced.

Field Trips in Modern Physics:

The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays

What Einstein Never Knew.

Creation of the Universe.

Super Nova 1987: Death of a Star.

The Elegant Universe: String Theory

The Elegant Universe: Hidden Dimensions.

The Elegant Universe: Quest for the Ultimate Theory.

The Astronomers:  Dark Matter, Black Holes, Creation.

The Dark Side of the Universe (Dark Matter, Dark Energy).


GIZMO, many prinicples of physics in action!


Juniors will do the following trips on the day of the Senior Field Trip for bonus points:

Connections: Distant Voices.

Connections: Death in the Morning.



If time, don't print yet:

A Search for Antiworlds.