Lab: Solenoids & Electromagnets

Name _______________________________________ Per. ______

Purpose: To investigate electromagnetism in a coil.

1. Connect a coil to a 6v battery. Disconnect it when not taking measurements!

2. Map and sketch the magnetic field with a compass.

3. Use the Left Hand Rule to find the:

..... a. current direction.
..... b. (+) and (-) poles of the coil.
..... c. the (+) and (-) poles on the battery.

4. Insert iron cores of both sizes and repeat 1,2,3 above.

5. Compare the above results with and without the iron cores.

6. Use a paper and iron filings to map the magnetic field around and through the coil.

7. Insert an iron core and use this electromagnet to pick up the iron filings in a beaker. Oooooh.

8. The Grand Critique of the above observations.