Unit 7

the mathematics of chemical reactions.

Demo to Prepare:
McGyver & Thermite Reaction!
Al   +   Fe2O  --->   Al2O3   +   Fe
And McGyver saves the Girl!

Solutions to the above practice problems:

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

The Carbide Canon with the proper stoichiometry demonstrates a fast reaction rate. Video:

MacGyver Saves Himself and the Girl

The story is that he and the girl are locked in a barn. The bad guys are coming back to terminate them.

Mac gets his Ferric Oxide from rust, and Aluminum from old cans. He has the girl grind them up while he does the calculations. The Magnesium fuse come from hubcaps.

The heat of the reaction melts the chain and lock on the door.

Whew, escape, in the nick of time.

Ah, the Thermite Reaction is highly exothermic! Video:

The Brainiac Thermite Demos are Very Explosive! Video:

Here Endeth Stoichiometry
but it never goes away!