Unit 26 & 27


Demos to Prepare:
Demo: Cupric Chloride + Al foil --->  Big Redox
Half-Reactions Demos: Big Galvanometer, metals in electrolytes.
Permanganate Pie: KMnO4 + Al ---> ROAR!
Iodine Muffin: I2 + glycerine ---> Colourful flames.
Electrolysis of Water and KI.
Zee Quick Boil

 Demo: Cupric Chloride + Al --->  Big Redox


REDOX is Reduction-Oxidation. They occur simultaneously. Burning is REDOX. Video:

REDOX of Vanadium, Great color changes as the oxidation state changes. Video:

Half Reaction Table, Appendix 8

REDOX and Catalyst, video:



Our hero is saved by the electrical conductivity of bathwater! Video:

Big Chem & Redox in Real Life ...

Here Endeth Redox