Unit 23

Reaction Rates

Demos to Prepare:
Hot Ball + Gasoline
Boil water in a paper cup
Burn Sugar with ashes catalyst
Spontaneous Combustion
Dust Explosion! Powder in can. BAM!
Make CO2 with Vinegar & Soda, extinguish Candle, Burn Magnesium Ribbon
Ignite methane fumes in tube
Standing waves in 2-meter tube.  Whoooshhhh!
Big oxidation--  Put an M&M into boiling KClO3 WOW!        

The burning of the Hindenburg. Video:

Hydrogen balloon explosions! Video:

Catalysts lower the Activation Energy to speed up a reaction! Video:

Cops and Catalysts! Video

Burning magnesium produces so much heat that it decomposes carbon dioxide to produce oxygen to keep the magnesium burning! WOW! Video:

WARNING! Kitchen oil fire. NEVER hose an oil fire with a stream of water! It will blast burning oil all over! Use a dry powder extinguisher or a damp towel to smother the fire. Fine spray water is okay, too. Video:

And more burning oil plus water explosions! Video:

Dust Explosion!

If the dust is thick enough, combustion can be explosive as one particle activates another in a chain reaction. Many have been killed over the years in grain elevators, mines, and other dusty places. February 7, 2008 a sugar factory blows up in Georgia. Video:

Awesome Dust Explosion of Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer!

The Carbide Canon demonstrates a fast reaction rate. Video:

The Alkali Metals roar into action with low Activation Energies, Video:

Here Endeth Rates of Reactions