Qualitative Analysis Procedures

..... Read & Remember: General Info for Qual.pdf

WARNING:  Anyone doing unauthorized experiments (screwing around with the chemicals) will be removed from lab for the rest of the year!

Before going to lab, you must prepare your Flow Sheet in your notebook using the Diagrams below and inserting the necessary information from the Procedures. Abbreviate as much as possible. See General Info for Qual.

You may NOT use printouts, copies, or the text in the Laboratory. You MUST have your Flow Sheet for Lab.

Note: If you lose your Qual Card, you will receive a new sample after you pass a Formula Test.

The Flow Diagrams:

..... Overall Flow Diagram

..... Silver Group Diagram

..... Copper Group Diagram

..... Aluminum Group Diagram

..... Barium Group Diagram

The Procedures:

..... Silver Group.pdf

..... Copper Group.pdf

..... Aluminum Group.pdf

..... Barium Group.pdf

The Analysis of a Salt is optional, extra credit. It requires about five hours.

.....Go to the Steps of the Salt Analysis.pdf... Note: before starting the Salt, you must pass the Test for the Salt Analysis.

Flame test colors. Video:

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