Great Words of Qual

In the Copper-Arsenic Group:

... Use a strong electrolyte (NH4C2H3O2) to Coagulate a Peptized ppt. Coagulate means glump together (like cottage cheese). Peptize means so finely divided that it won't settle out in the centrifuge. So the coagulation permits separation by precipitation.

In the Aluminum-Nickel Group:

... The test for Iron:

....... The Hexathiocyanatoferrate III ion. The Blood Red Solution.

........ Ferric Ferrocyanide, Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3, Prussian Blue ppt.

... The test for Manganese, The Purple Permanganate ion, Mn04- .

... The Test for Nickel, Nickel Glyoxime, NiC8H14N404, strawberry-red ppt.

... The test for Cobalt, the Tetrathiocyanatocobaltous II ion, Co(SCN)42-, Cobalt blue.

... The test for Aluminum, Aluminon gives The cherry-red lake.

... Test for Chromium, we get Chromic Oxide, Cr2O5, Blue in the Ether Layer.

... Test for Zinc, Zinc Potassium Ferrocyanide, Zn3K2[Fe(CN)6]2, the bluish-green ppt.

In the Barium-Magnesium Group:

... The test for Magnesium, add Paranitrobenzeneazoresorcinol, and get the blue lake flocculent precipitate. (Flocculent means flaky, like the "snow" in a crystal ball).

In the Salt:

... Aqua Regia, Royal Water. It is a mixture of Hydrochloric Acid and Nitric Acid. Named by the Alchemists because it will dissolve gold, the Royal Metal. In the salt analysis, it is used to dissolve salts that are insoluble in water and single acids.

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