Units 12 & 13

Chemical Bonding

Demos to Perform:
Electrical Conductivity
Conductivity of Ions
Water, distilled & tap
Organic compds
Alcohol, gasoline
Acids, Bases
Salts, dry and aqueous
Molten salts AgCl for liquid salt conductivity
Crookes radiometer
Coupled pendula
Tuning forks & resonators
Musical hose
Photo-electric cells
Photocell Spy Detector & Street Lamp
Splatter Test on Board (evaporation and bondage).

Demo: Tesla Coil

Ionization Energy is a periodic function

Sodium Chloride has an ionic bond that is spectacularly created! Video:

Electrical Conductivity in a bathtub saves our hero. Video:

Electrical appliances in bathtub are bad news. Video:

Energies of Interactions

Demo: Photoelectric Cell.

Demo: Fall Creek street lamp.

Demo: Crookes Radiometer to detect Infra-Red.

Molecular Motions Video:

Resonance in breaking glass. Video:

Here Endeth Bonding